"Baxter's splendid slide guitar displays a delta blues influence."
-Dorothy L. Hill
Jazz Now

"The reason this record sounds so good is because of this guy Matt Baxter."
-Offbeat Magazine
New Orleans

"Dobro fans rejoice."
-James Walker
Blues wax

"Baxter displays his superb slide-playing."
-Bob Unger

Beatle Jazz "with a little help from my friends" is one of the best jazz records of the year."
-Mike Zwerin
Bloomberg News, International Herald tribune



Kip Allert
Guna Sea Records 2000

On Safari With Annie
Annie and The Natural Wonder Band
Castle Of Dreams Music

Blue Boy

Angels Here Among Us
Jenn August
Schwa Records 2000

For The Sake Of The Groove
Black Dog
BMI/Doggy Music 2001

Can't Turn The Other Way
Black Dog
BMI/Doggy Music 1996

Still Movin'
Black Dog
Real Rock Records 1992

Valley Of The Jive
Black Dog
BMI/Doggy Music

ReelRock 2003

All One
ReelRock 2003

Furniture Jazz
ReelRock 2003

Over the Underpass
Helen Chaya
Folk Diva Records 2000

Five Acres
Deborah Crooks

Round Every Corner
Debbie Davies
Shanachie Records 1998

Tales From The Austin Motel
Debbie Davies
Featuring: Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble)
Shanachie Records 1999
*Grammy Nominated

Call Down The Thunder
Guy Davis
Red House Records 1996

Roberta Donnay
Rainforest Records 2000

Back Before The Why
Roberta Donnay
Rainforest Records 2005

Joe Ferry Featuring: Uptown Horns
Big Music 1997

Ten Days In November
Sue Foley
Shanachie Records 1998

Moon in the Full house
Fullhouse Rhythm Kings
C.M.G/Mighty Tiger 2003

Are You The One
Stephanie Haffner

Dreams And Destiny
Steven Andrew Kacsmar
SunLotus 2003

Put Some Style In It
Lounge Brigade
Shanachie Records 1998

Jackie Martino
Eden Way Music 1999

Low Country
Will McKenna
Low Country Records 1996

Beatle Jazz- Another Bite Of The Apple Brian Melvin
Zebra Records 2001

Moving VIolations
Moving Violations
Ovington Squares Music 1998

Shootin' Pool At Leo's
Doug Munro
Chase Music Group 1997

Doug Munro & Iivi
Chase Music Group 2000

New York Blues Queen
Roxy Perry
Blueperry Hill Records 1998

Back To Bluesville
Roxy Perry
Blueperry Hill Records 2005

The Big Kibosh
New Orleans Klezmer Allstars
Shanachie Records 1997

Fresh Out OF The Past
New Orleans Klezmer Allstars
Shanachie Records 1999

Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond
Capitol Records 1989

From The Inside Out
Alesia Panajota
Blue Per Square Inch Productions 1998

Musical Barnacles
Perfect Thyroid
Shanachie Records 1997

Prodigal Stranger
Procol Harum
Zoo Entertainment 1991

Rhythm Syndicate
Including Top 10 Hits: 'Hey Donna' & ' P.A.S.S.I.O.N'
Rhythm Syndicate
(Impact/MCA) 1991

Discover America
Sam 'n' The Swing
Select Records 1993

Reunion Hill
Richard Shindell
Shanachie Records 1997

Take Your Heart
Eclectica Music 1999

Hit Me
SKAndalous Allstars
Shanachie Records 1997

Punk Steady
SKAndalous Allstars
Shanachie Records 1998

Age Of Insects
SKAndalous Allstars
Shanachie Records 1999

Every Road I take
Various Artists
Shanachie Records 1999

Screamin' And
Hollerin' The Blues
Various Artists
Shanachie Records 2000

Public Domain
Various Artists
Big Music 2000
*Grammy Nominated

Allmans Brothers:
Bluegrass Jam Band Tribute
Various Artists
CMH Records 2002

Jam Band Tribute
Various Artists
CMH Records 2002

Future Blues
Various Artists
C.M.G/Mighty Tiger 2003

Milo Z
Mercury Records

Rez Abasi
Kip Allert
Annie and the Natural Wonder Band
The Articles
The Authority
Jenn August
Mark Austin
Tommy Ayers
Everett Bradley
Jeremy Baum
Bobby Bandiero
Kevin Bents
Bergers with Mayo
Eric Bibb
Didier Bouvet
Brecker Brothers

Johnny Breem
Gary Brooker
Keith Brown (Curb)
Cornelious Bumpus (Steely Dan)
Janelle Burdell
Prince Buster
Doc C.
Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan)
Karl Carter
Helen Chaya
Cherish The Ladies
Rusty Cloud
Cocktaillica (Big Music)
Tony Coleman
Deborah Crooks
Cy Curnin (The Fixx)
Cycle Sluts From Hell
Cecil 'P-Nut' Daniels
Debbie Davies
Guy Davis (Red House Records)
Gilad Dobrecky
Willard Dyson

Roberta Donnay
Myron Dove
Paul Dorr
Even Steven
Tommy Eyre (Joe Cocker, WHAM, Deep Purple)
Rosanna Ferrera

Joe Ferry
Mathew Fisher (Procol Harum)

Sue Foley
David Freiberg
Bob Funk (Uptown Horns)
Paul Geremia
Debbie Gibson
Tim Givens
Corey Glover (Living Color)
Stepanie Haffler
Stu Hamm

John Hammond
Scott Harper
Bill Harris
Don Harris
Arno Hecht (Uptown Horns)
Amy Helm

Al Hemberger
Ted Hemberger

Amanda Homi

Hurtin' Buckaroos (Blind Records)
Innocent Voices (Lost Planet Records)
John Isley (Saxaphone/Composer)
Eileen Ivers (Riverdance, Hall and Oates, Cherish The Ladies)
Joel Jaffe
Benny K
Langhorn Slim
Steven Kasmir

Johnny Katonah (Jack Black)
Steve Khan
Deanna Kirk
The New Orleans Klezmer All Stars
Mike Klvana (Hall & Oates, Richard Marx, Foreigner, Billy Idol)
Dave Koz
Lady Bianca
Barry Lather (Atlantic)
Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaugh)
Will Lee (The David Letterman Band)
Pete Levin
Stanley Lippet
Victor Little
Vince Littleton
Jackie Martino
Dave Masucci
Roy Matthews
Bob Mayo (Hall&Oates,Foreigner,
Peter Frampton, Robert Plant, Dan Fogelberg)
Mike McCoy
Will McKenna
Brian Melvin
Chris Merola
Skip Mesquite (Sax/Tower of Power)
Mike Messner
Kincaid Miller
Billy Mo
Zigaboo Modeliste
Moving Violations
Doug Munro
Matthew Scott Noble
Curtis Obeda
Anders Osbourne
Donny Osmond (Capitol Records)
Alesia Panajota
Gil Parris (RCA Records)
Jim Payne
Dave Pellicciaro
Perfect Thyroid (Shanachie Records)
Shawn Pelton
Bucky Pizzarelli
Roxy Perry
Jerry Poindexter (James Brown)
Procol Harum (Zoo)
Psycho Horns

The Rain Deputies
Annie Raines

Nick Randolph (Royal Noise Records)

Bob Rasero (The Renovators)
Baron Raymonde (Rod Stewart)
Keith Reid (Procol Harum)
Paul Revelli
Victor Rice
Lisa Richmond
Jon Ridnell (Black Dog)
Dave Ridnell (Gilded Splinters)
Paul Rishell
Mark Rivera (Billy Joel, Foreigner, Hall & Oates)
Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman, Stevie Nicks)
Sugar G Robinson
Evan Rogers (Rhythm Syndicate; Sturken/Rogers, Producers)
Michael Rogers
Steve Rossi (Cinderella, Taylor Dane, Peter Frampton)
Eric Rudnick
Vic Ruggiero (Rancid Slackers)
Eugene Ruffolo (For Life Records)

Rhythm Syndicate ("Hey Donna", "P.A.S.S.I.O.N.", Top 10 Hits) (Impact/MCA)
Jake Sampson
Britt Savage
Tommy Shannon (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnnie Winter)
Sam Sherry
John Scofield

Richard Shindell (Shanachie Records)
The Sirens
SKAndalous All Stars (Shanachie)
Ryan Smith
Melvin Sparks
Stuart Stahr
Mike Stern
Mike Sugar
John Sullivan

Harvie Swartz
Joey Stann (Southside Johnny, Gary U.S. Bonds)
Lauren Stauber
Carl Sturken (Rhythm Syndicate; Sturken/Rogers, Producers)
Otis Taylor
Too Much Joy
The Triplets
Robin Trower
Brendan Tween (Mephiskapheles)
Uptown Horns
Rhonda Vincent
Reggie Washington
Rob Wasserman
Herman Wilson
Milo Z (Mercury)



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